I started my serious relationship with music when played bass guitar on the Kiev based electronic project. Than a long and incredibly happy time I lived in the mountain, where opened another and best instrument, who always with you, voice.
I learned to sing with a nightingales and other birds, copying, not always successfully, their trills in the garden.
At the same time I really fall in love with the modern instrumental jazz. I was motivated to move away from of Euclidean geometry in the art to the direction of more completely and beautiful natural forms.

Mike Jurkovic, allaboutjazz reviewer:

“Anna Mia’s vocals take hold with a heated but Zen-like emotionalism, undulating with the music, coalescing in a captivating, vivacious whole”

allaboutjazz review

Martin McFie, allaboutjazz reviewer:

“Her voice has density. Compelling, almost mesmeric in the low range, her voice is controlled and  emphatic in the higher register. “

allaboutjazz review

Peter Petyaev, artist, jazz blogger:

“Anna Mia – the singer, who creating music, like a mirror, in which escape drops of jazz, streamed vague echoes of passionate longing. If look in that mirror, each listener will find themselves in a transformed world. Unusual voice, really difficult to find any comparisons.

The duo Anna and pianist Daria Morgacheva – it’s almost weightless jazz standards performed angular thrill and gentle delight. Clearly, Anna Mia – individuality. She works closely with the material, giving senses soak in the material and grow deeply personal interpretation “


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