I started serious relationship with music when was playing bass guitar in one Kiev electronic project.
After that I
had a long and incredibly happy life in the mountains. There I discovered a better instrument which is always with you – my voice.
I was learning to sing from nightingales and other birds by imitating their trills in the garden which was not always successful.
At that time I
fell in love with modern instrumental jazz.
I was motivated to move away from Euclidean geometry in the art to the direction of more complete and beautiful natural forms.

Sasha Magerova, singer:

“Anna Mia creates music which is like a living creature.”

Peter Petyaev, artist, jazz blogger:

“Anna Mia – the singer who is creating music like a mirror in which drops of jazz are escaping and vague echoes of passionate longing are streaming.
By looking in the mirror, listeners will find themselves in a transformed world. She has a really unusual voice. It can’t be compared to anything.
The duo Anna and pianist Daria Morgacheva is almost weightless jazz standards with angular thrill and gentle delight. It’s obvious that Anna Mia is a personality.
deeply feels the lyrics of the songs. Anna gives a personal interpretation to them using all the strings of her inner soul.. »


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